Azienda Agricola Gentili was founded in 1979 by Carlo Gentili, who with few funds available and with great tenacity, gradually built a cellar (obtained inside a 15th century courtyard) and planted the vineyards in the surrounding land, between Monte Baldo and Lake Garda. For thirty years the entire company production is destined to sold bulk product to other wineries, but since 2010, under the direction of the sons Enrico and Elisa, has begun a travel to enhance the viticultural and enological potential of the company through the recovery traditions of the area, of the old local vine varieties and of the cultivation methods of the past.


One of the great strengths of the company is the possibility of cultivating and producing grapes from vineyards aged between 20 and 60 years, proudly taking its idea of ​​viticulture back in time to an age where the standardization and respect for the vineyard was greater. All the grapes used for the bottled wines are harvested by hand mostly from the old vineyards, in most cases cultivated with the traditional pergola system, which is perfectly suited to achieve high quality in the climatic conditions of this area and with the autochthonous varieties. In some cases it was decided to reproduce the variety of very old vineyards, saving the oldest ones from oblivion. The company, although it has not yet requested an organic and biologic certification, believes that any agricultural production should respect nature and the health of those who drink. For this reason, for many years it has been trying to reduce and sometimes eliminate harmful practices, rather looking for traditional good practices that make it possible to revive an agricultural system rich in biodiversity and respect for the soil, plants, water resources and the human work.

Since 2016, in the direction of protecting the environment and seeking an even more sustainable form of viticulture, the cultivation of resistant PIWI varieties has also begun.


In the cellar of the company, nothing more than the conclusion of the work begun in the vineyard. With patience and tenacity, the company has tried to refine the best winemaking and aging techniques to enhance its "terroir" as much as possible. The vinification style therefore wants to be simple and respectful of the original characteristics, repudiating the practices that standardize the product, ruining the surprise of the diversity of season, soil and aging of a wine. Many wines are aged for a certain period in the company's cellar, using containers of different materials, such as wood and terracotta, chosen according to the characteristics of the wine.