The greatest value for the Gentili company is respect for Mother Earth. Among the many ways in which grapes can be produced in a sustainable way is the world of PIWI varieties, which indicates the vines most resistant to diseases, for which many pesticides are normally used. Having a plant that is more resistant to diseases means drastically reducing defense interventions, going from 15 or 20 to 2-4 per season. It is therefore not just a question of replacing a chemical poison with a less impacting poison, but the concept of plant well-being (and the environment that hosts it!) Is radically changed, going beyond the concept of organic farming. In resistant vineyards there is a lot of biodiversity, favored even by minimal human intervention, and the yeasts naturally present on the untreated skins are in perfect balance, giving rise to spontaneous fermentation of great typicality.

E’ disponibile in commercio la seconda annata del nostro vino PIWI:

SOUVIGNIER GRIS IGT VENETO 2019, a fermentazione spontanea, affinato 1 anno in terracotta e imbottigliato senza filtrazione.